Sikorsky H-34 Choctaw

H-34A - US Army version of the HSS-1 powered by a 1525hp R-1820-84, redesignated CH-34A in 1962, 359 built and 21 transferred from the US Navy.

JH-34A - Designation for H-34A used for weapon tests.

VH-34A - Staff transport conversions of H-34A.

H-34B - H-34As converted with detail changes, became CH-34B in 1962.

H-34C - H-34B design with detail changes converted from H-34As, became CH-34C in 1962.

JH-34C - Designation for CH-34C used for weapon tests.

VH-34C - Staff transport conversions of CH-34C.

HH-34D - Designation applied to aircraft given USAF serials to be transferred under MAP and MDAP.

LH-34D - HUS-1L redesignated in 1962

UH-34D - HUS-1 redesignated in 1962 and 54 new build.

VH-34D - HUS-1Z redesignated in 1962

UH-34E - HUS-1A redesignated in 1962

HH-34F - HUS-1G redesignated in 1962

YSH-34G - YHSS-1 redesignated in 1962

SH-34G - HSS-1 redesignated in 1962

SH-34H - HSS-1F redesignated in 1962

YSH-34J - YHSS-1N redesignated in 1962

SH-34J - HSS-1N redesignated in 1962

UH-34J - SH-34J without ASW equipment for cargo and training purposes.

HH-34J - Ex-USN UH-34Js operated by the US Air Force

VH-34J - Staff transport conversions of SH-34J.

XHSS-1 Seabat - Three Sikorsky S-58s for evaluation by the US Navy, redesignated YHSS-1 then YSH-34G in 1962.

HSS-1 Seabat - Production Anti-Submarine model for the US Navy, redesignated SH-34G in 1962, 215 built

HSS-1F Seabat - One HSS-1 re-engined with two YT-58-GE as a flying test bed, redesignated SH-34H in 1962.

YHSS-1N Seabat - One HSS-1 converted as the HSS-1N prototype, redesignated YSH-34J in 1962.

HSS-1N Seabat - Night/Bad weather version of the HSS-1 with improved avionics and autopilot, redesignated SH-34J in 1962, 167 built (an addition 75 HSS-1 airframes were built to CH-34C standard for West Germany).

HUS-1 Seahorse - Utility transport version of the HSS-1 for the US Marine Corps, redesignated UH-34D in 1962, 462 built

HUS-1A Seahorse - Forty HUS-1s fitted with amphibious pontoons, redesignated UH-34E in 1962.

HUS-1G Seahorse - United States Coast Guard version of the HUS-1, redesignated HH-34F in 1962, six built.

HUS-1L Seahorse - Four HUS-1s converted for antarctic operations with VXE-6, redesignated LH-34D in 1962.

HUS-1Z Seahorse - Seven HUS-1s fitted with VIP interior for the Executive Flight Detachment, redesignated VH-34D in 1962.

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