Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight

US Versions:
Total U.S. H-46 production amounted to 524, ending in 1971.

Model 107 - Company model number.

Model 107-II - The third YHC-1 prototype was converted into a commercial airline helicopter. All subsequent commercial aircraft were produced as BV 107-II.

Model 107M - Military transport prototype for the United States Marine Corps.

YHC-1A - Three Model 107s for test and evaluation by the United States Army. Adopted by the United States Marine Corps as the HRB-1. Later redesignated YCH-46C. Three built.

YHC-1B - Were not Model 107s but five Model 114s that later became the CH-47A Chinook

HRB-1 - Original designation before being renamed as CH-46A before delivery under the 1962 United States Tri-Service aircraft designation system

CH-46A - Assault, utility medium transport and SAR helicopter for the USMC, fitted with two 935-kW (1,250-shp) General Electric T58-GE-8 turboshaft engines. (Previously HRB-1). 164 built.

UH-46A - Utility medium transport helicopter for the US Navy. Similar to the CH-46A. 14 built.

HH-46A - A small number of HH-46As were converted into SAR helicopters for the United States Navy base rescue role.

RH-46A - A small number of CH-46As were converted into minesweeping helicopters for the US Navy.

UH-46B - Development of the CH-46A to specification HX/H2 for the United States Air Force; cancelled

YCH-46C - YHC-1A redesignated in 1962.

CH-46D - Assault and utility medium transport helicopter for the USMC, fitted with two 1044-kW (1,400-shp) General Electric T58-GE-10 turboshaft engines. 266 built.

HH-46D A small number of UH-46Ds were converted into SAR helicopters.

UH-46D - Utility transport helicopter for the US Navy combat supply role. Similar to the CH-46D. 10 built and one conversion from CH-46D.

UH-46D "Sea Knight" helicopter lowers mail to the fantail of USS Decatur (DDG-31), during operations in the South China Sea, December 1968. The helicopter is based aboard USS Camden (AOE-2).

CH-46E - Approximately 350 -D and -F airframes were updated to CH-46E standards with improved avionics, hydraulics, drive train and upgraded T58-GE-16 engines.

CH-46F - Improved version of CH-46D, electrical distribution, com/nav update BUNO 154845-157726. Last production model in the United States. 186 built

VH-46F - VIP transport helicopter.

CH-46X - Also known as the Boeing Model 360, this Advance Technology Demonstrator from the 1980s never entered production. The aircraft relied heavily on composites for its construction and had a beefier drive train to handle the twin Avco-Lycoming AL5512 engines (4200shp).

Canadian Versions:

CH-113 Labrador - Search and rescue version of the Model 107-II-9 for the Canadian Forces Air Command. (18 built)

CH-113A Voyageur - Assault and utility transport version of the Model 107-II-9 for the Canadian Forces. (12 built)

Swedish Versions:

Hkp 4A - Boeing Vertol 107-II, used originally by Air Force for SAR. (10),

Hkp 4B - Boeing Vertol 107-II-15, Navy (3)

HKP 4C - Kawasaki KV-107-II-16, Navy (8)

HKP 4D - Rebuilt Hkp 4A for SAR/ASW (Navy) (4)

Japanese Versions:

KV-107II-1 (CT58-110-1) - Utility transport version.

KV-107II-2 (CT58-110-1) - Commercial airline version.

KV-107IIA-2 (CT58-140-1) - Improved version of the KV-107/II-2.

KV-107II-3 (CT58-110-1) - Minesweeping version for the JMSDF, 3 built.

KV-107II-3A (CT58-IHI-10-M1) - Uprated version of the KV-107/II-3.

KV-107II-4 (CT58-IHI-110-1) - Assault and utility transport version for the JGSDF.

KV-107II-4A (CT58-IHI-140-1) - Uprated version of the KV-107/II-4.

KV-107II-5 (CT58-IHI-110-1) - Long-range SAR version for the JASDF.

KV-107II-5A (CT58-IHI-104-1) - Uprated version of the KV-107II-5A.

KV-107II-7 (CT58-110-1) - VIP transport version.

KV-107II-16 - HKP 4C for Swedish Navy. Powered by Rolls-Royce Gnome H.1200 turboshaft engines.

KV-107IIA-17 (CT58-140-1) - Long-range transport version for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, 1 built.

KV-107IIA-SM-1 (CT58-IHI-140-1M1) - Firefighting helicopter for Saudi Arabia.

KV-107IIA-SM-2 (CT58-IHI-140-1M1) - Aeromedical and rescue helicopter for Saudi Arabia.

KV-107IIA-SM-3 (CT58-IHI-140-1M1) - VIP transport helicopter for Saudi Arabia.

KV-107IIA-SM-4 (CT58-IHI-140-1M1) - Air ambulance helicopter for Saudi Arabia.

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