Douglas A-4 Skyhawk


– XA4D-1: Prototype
– YA4D-1 (YA-4A, later A-4A): Flight test prototypes and pre-production aircraft.

– A4D-1 (A-4A): Initial production version, 166 built

– A4D-2 (A-4B): Strengthened aircraft and added air-to-air refueling capabilities, improved navigation and flight control systems, provision for AGM-12 Bullpup missile, 542 built.
– A-4P: Remanufactured A-4Bs sold to Argentine Air Force known as A-4B by the Argentines.
– A-4Q: Remanufactured A-4Bs sold to Argentine Navy.
– A4D-3: Proposed advanced avionics version, none built.

– A4D-2N (A-4C): Night/adverse weather version of A4D-2, with AN/APG-53A radar, autopilot, LABS low-altitude bombing system. Wright J65-W-20 engine with 8,200 lbf (36.5 kN) takeoff thrust, 638 built.
– A-4L: 100 A-4Cs remanufactured for Navy Reserve squadrons.
– A-4S: 40 A-4Cs remanufactured for Republic of Singapore Air Force.
– A-4SU Super Skyhawk: This is an extensively modified and updated version of the A-4S, exclusively for the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), fitted with a General Electric F404 non-afterburning turbofan engine, and modernized electronics.
– TA-4S: seven trainer versions of the above. Different from most Skyhawk trainers in that they have a second canopy for instructor, rather than seating student and instructor under one long canopy.
– TA-4SU: This is an extensively modified and updated version of the TA-4S to A-4SU standard.
– A-4PTM: 40 A-4Cs and A-4Ls refurbished for Royal Malaysian Air Force, incorporating many A-4M features.
– TA-4PTM: Small number of trainer versions of above.
– A4D-4: Long-range version with new wings cancelled; A-4D designation skipped to prevent confusion with A4D

– A4D-5 (A-4E): Major upgrade, including new Pratt & Whitney J52-P-6A engine with 8,400 lbf (37 kN) thrust, strengthened airframe with two more weapon pylons (for a total of five), improved avionics, with TACAN, Doppler navigation radar, radar altimeter, toss-bombing computer, and AJB-3A low-altitude bombing system. Many later upgraded with J52-P-8 engine with 9,300 lbf (41 kN) thrust; 499 built.
– TA-4E: two A-4Es modified as prototypes of a trainer version.
– A4D-6: Proposed version, none built.

– A-4F: Refinement of A-4E with extra avionics housed in a hump on the fuselage spine (this feature later retrofitted to A-4Es and some A-4Cs) and more powerful J52-P-8A engine with 9,300 lbf (41 kN) thrust, later upgraded in service to J52-P-408 with 11,200 lbf (50 kN), 147 built. Some served with Blue Angels acrobatic team from 1973 to 1986.
– TA-4F: Conversion trainer - standard A-4F with extra seat for an instructor, 241 built.
– OA-4M: 23 TA-4Fs modified for Forward Air Control duties for the USMC.
– EA-4F: four TA-4Fs converted for ECM training.
– TA-4J: Dedicated trainer version based on A-4F, but lacking weapons systems, and with down-rated engine, 277 built new, and most TA-4Fs were later converted to this configuration.
– A-4G: eight aircraft built new for the Royal Australian Navy with minor variations from the A-4F in particular they were not fitted with the avionics "hump". Subsequently, eight more A-4Fs were modified to this standard for the RAN. Significantly the A-4G were modified to carry four underwing Sidewinder AIM-9B missiles increasing their Fleet Defense capability.
– TA-4G: two trainer versions of the A-4G built new, and two more modified from TA-4Fs.
– A-4H: 90 aircraft for the Israeli Air Force based on the A-4F. Used 30 mm DEFA cannon with 150 rounds per gun in place of US 20 mm guns. Later, some A-4Es later locally modified to this standard. Subsequently modified with extended jetpipes as protection against heat-seeking missiles.
– TA-4H: 25 trainer versions of the above. These remain in service, and are being refurbished with new avionics and systems for service till at least 2010.
– A-4K: ten aircraft for Royal New Zealand Air Force. In the 1990s these were upgraded under Project KAHU with new radar and avionics, provision for AGM-65 Maverick, AIM-9 Sidewinder, and GBU-16 Paveway II laser-guided bomb. The RNZAF also rebuilt an A-4C and ten A-4Gs to A4K standard.
– TA-4K: four trainer versions of the above. A fifth was later assembled in NZ from spare parts. The sale of ex-RNZAF A-4K and TA-4K aircraft to a private US flight training firm was announced in September 2005 but this deal seems to not have taken place as of January 2008.

– A-4M: Dedicated Marine version with improved avionics and more powerful J52-P-408 engine with 11,200 lbf (50 kN) thrust, enlarged cockpit, IFF system. Later fitted with Hughes AN/ASB-19 Angle Rate Bombing System (ARBS) with TV and laser spot tracker, 158 built.
– A-4N: 117 modified A-4Ms for the Israeli Air Force.
– A-4KU: 30 modified A-4Ms for the Kuwaiti Air Force. Brazil purchased 20 of these second-hand and redesignated them AF-1. Now used in Brazilian Navy on carrier duty.
– TA-4KU: three trainer versions of the above. Brazil purchased some of these second-hand and redesignated them AF-1A.
– A-4AR: 36 A-4Ms refurbished for Argentina. Known as Fightinghawk.
– TA-4R: Refurbished two-seat training version for Argentina.
– A-4Y: Provisional designation for A-4Ms modified with the ARBS. Apparently never adopted by the US Navy or Marine Corps.

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